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Poynting Antena ADPT-24

Poynting Antena ADPT-24 Poynting Antena ADPT-24 Poynting Antena ADPT-24


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The adaptor consists of a flat plastic pad with a 50 cm cable that terminates in a SMA (female) connector. The plastic sleeve, that looks similar to a cell phone battery, encloses a device that is able to couple to a cell phone and divert it to a booster antenna thereby ensuring better reception.

The pad of the coupler is placed against the top of the phone. (The coupler is supplied with a small piece of Velcro that you can use to ensure a more secure connection to your phone). You then connect the other end of the coupler to one of our booster antennas via the SMA (female) connector. The booster antenna can be mounted on the outside of a building and pointed in the direction of your closest cellular base station to ensure good reception.


Dodatne informacije

Brand Poynting
Proizvođač Poynting
Jamstvo na proizvod 24 mjeseca
Name Poynting Antena ADPT-24
Šifra A-ADPT-024-V2