They are empowered by Peer-to-Peer (P2P) which makes mapping between modules a breeze. In addition, the intuitive Graphic Condition Logic (GCL) allows users to control a single module or between multiple modules eliminating the need for additional controllers or programming. Popular communication protocols are supported including Modbus TCP, ASCII UDP. Furthermore, the Daisy-Chain connectivity of the ADAM-6200 family reduces the need for network switches while retaining reliability of network connectivity with the Auto-Bypass function.

ADAM-6000 Series

Ethernet I/O Modules

ADAM-6000 Ethernet I/O Modules

ADAM-6100 Series

Real-time Ethernet I/O Modules

ADAM-6100 Real-time Ethernet I/O Modules

ADAM-6200 Series

Ethernet I/O Modules

ADAM-6200 Ethernet I/O Modules