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SAN Drobo B1200i

SAN Drobo B1200i SAN Drobo B1200i SAN Drobo B1200i SAN Drobo B1200i
12-bay SAN storage array for business, iSCSI
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The Drobo B1200i is optimized for Small and Medium Business (SMB) IT to provide reliable, high-performance, and self-optimizing storage for server virtualization, email, and data protection. Coupled with innovative Automated Data-Aware Tiering, the Drobo B1200i delivers a level of automation and technical sophistication usually reserved for more expensive enterprise solutions. It integrates seamlessly into your TCP/IP network infrastructure and utilizes the industry-standard iSCSI protocol to provide powerful, yet simple, consolidated storage for your IT environment.

Dodatne informacije

Brand Drobo
Proizvođač Drobo
Jamstvo na proizvod 24 mjeseca
Name SAN Drobo B1200i
Šifra DR-B1200I-1A31


  • 4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports (one dedicated to management)
Drives and Expansion
  • Up to to 12 3.5″ SAS 1/2 or SATA I/II/III hard drives or 2 to 3 solid state drives (with up to 9 hard drives).
  • Drives of any manufacturer, capacity, spindle speed, and/or cache can be used. No carriers or tools required. Click here for drive recommendations.
  • Expandable by adding drives or hot-swapping drives with larger ones. Use the Capacity Calculator to estimate available storage in various configurations.
BeyondRAID Features
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Instant Expansion
  • Mixed Drive Size Utilization
  • Automatic Protection Levels
  • Single – or Dual-Disk Redundancy
  • Virtual Hot Spare
  • Data Aware
  • Drive Re-ordering
  • Drive bay indicator lights, capacity gauge, status lights
  • Drobo Dashboard version 2.0 or later
Operating System Support
  • Mac OS X 10.6 and higher
  • Windows 8/8.1 32 and 64 bit
  • Windows 7 32 and 64 bit
  • Windows XP SP3 32 and 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2012 32 and 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 32 and 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2003 32 and 64 bit
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (Intel only)
  • VMware vSphere 5.0 – 5.1U2 (ESXi)
File System Options
  • Mac OS X: HFS+
  • Windows: NTFS
  • Linux: ext3
  • VMware: VMFS
Network Protocols
  • iSCSI
  • CHAP Authentication
Ethernet Features
  • Connection Failover
  • Jumbo frames (up to 9000 bytes MTU)
Hardware Features
  • Carrier-less Drive Bays
  • Field replaceable controller card, power supplies and cooling fan unit
Additional Software Features
  • Automated Data-Aware Tiering (available in firmware version 1.1.0 or higher)
  • Smart Volumes (LUNs, up to 255)
  • Maximum System Capacity: 128TB
  • Drive Spin Down
  • One (1) year warranty in the US or outside the EU or two (2) year warranty in the EU.
Size and Weight
  • 3U Rack Mount Form Factor (rack mount kit included)
  • Width: 17.17 in (436.1 mm)
  • Height: 5.20 in (132.1 mm)
  • Depth: 21.85 in (555.0 mm)
  • Weight: 47 lb (21.3 kg) without hard drives, power supply, or packaging

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