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USG Huawei Eudemon 200E-X1W, 0235G6KG

Router Huawei AR1220VW

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Huawei’s Eudemon200E-X series is a unified security gateway
family designed to meet the needs of today’s enterprises for
security, routing, switching, wireless access, and voice services. The
Eudemon200E-X offers optimal routing and switching performance
along with multiple dedicated security features, including stateful
firewall, virtual private network (VPN), Network Address Translation
(NAT), identity authentication, and access control. This wealth of
features protects networks against DDoS attacks, worms, Trojan
horses, viruses, intrusions, and other network infringements.

Dodatne informacije

Brand Huawei
Proizvođač Huawei
Jamstvo na proizvod 60 mjeseci
Name USG Huawei Eudemon 200E-X1W, 0235G6KG
Šifra 0235G6KG

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